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We are a South African incinerator and cremator designer and manufacturer making significant inroads into overseas markets.

Our products and services are used wordwide by hospitals, hotels, shopping centre, industries, flats, sewage works and abbatoirs.

About Saubatech

Saubatech is South Africa's leading supplier of incinerators and waste management equipment. One of the world leaders in incineration technology.

Saubatech offers waste management solutions for South Africa hospitals, hotels, malls, flats and Macroburn incinerators and cremators installation and maintenance.

Saubatech combines over 30 years experience with a large dealer network all across Africa to provide unrivalled installation, maintenance and after sales support for the hospital, hotel and general industry.

Added to this we also supply Cremators, Hot Gas Ceramic Filters for Emission Control, Sewage Presses, Flame Traps and Waste Gas Burners. We also handle solid, liquid or gaseous waste.

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